Program Hosting

The Commute by CNN – A morning program produced by CNN Digital. Topics covered: The start of the Syrian Civil War, US Immigration Policy as applied by a Georgia rural police department, and why the old indie-rock band Pavement is the new Nostradamus.

CNN’s American Sauce – A political program with a focus on the intersection of policy and politics. This program looked in-depth at the Obama Administration’s DOJ.

Talk Show Production

Left, Right and Center (May 3rd, 2013)Two Economies, Syria, Immigration and 2nd Term Woes.

Which Way, LA? (October 24th, 2013) – LA Joins the Open Data Movement.

To the Point (October 24th, 2013) – Can the US and Pakistan Mend an Uneasy Alliance?

Documentary Works

Me and the Holy See – An Irish Priest gets called to the Vatican after making an off-handed remark in a little read newspaper.

Abandon the Horse, Evade the Tax Man – In this investigative documentary, I report how austerity led to the tainting of EU beef with horsemeat.

Riots of Opportunity – The story of the 2011 London Riots as told by a rioter, a mother, a doctor, a father and a London shop owner.

Print Features

Neglected Graves Home to Invisible Dead – A father in rural Georgia shows his daughter a secret family cemetery.

Ireland’s Changing Pub Culture – The Irish pub tradition fades as young and rural drinkers change their habits.

The Last Hold Out in No Man’s Land – A 91 year-old California man continues a four-decade old fight to keep his home against a powerful Native American tribe.

Day of News Coverage

First Irish Abortion Clinic Opens in Belfast – Catholic protesters turned up in large numbers in an attempt to shut the clinic down on its first day.

Levees Hold in MS Flooding – Despite record high flooding along the Mississippi River, decades old levees hold in key areas.

Runoff Will Decide Atlanta’s Race for Mayor – Mary Norwood falls short of winning the mayoral race outright, where she would have been the first white mayor elected in more than a generation.

Award Pieces

Toxic Town

2011 Murrow Award, Investigative Reporting

2011 PRNDI Award, Investigative Reporting

What Went Wrong With SEUS?

2010 AP Award, Investigative Reporting

The Chemical in the Conasauga

2009 Murrow Award, Investigative Reporting

The Disappearance of Franklin Weekley

2008 Murrow Award, Investigative Reporting

E.Coli Taints Salinas Valley Spinach

2007 Murrow Award, Continuing Coverage

2007 PRNDI Award, Continuing Coverage


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